StruckSured is a full-service interior design firm, which focuses on custom and high end residential projects, as well as boutique-style commercial spaces. Our mission is to approach each project holistically, by designing spaces that reflect both functionality, as well as the customer's specific design aesthetic. Our design firm assists you from start to finish, including consulting with architects, engineers, and builders, as well as providing custom interior designs, via CAD plans, space plans, or digital renderings, as well as custom finish and furniture selection and sourcing. We will transform your space into something truly beautiful, that reflects your needs, your individuality, as well as a healthy, functional space for all to enjoy.




This is typically the first step to designing a space. It starts with getting to know more about you, your needs/wants/desires for the space, how you typically live within a space. We then take all the information relevant to the user(s) while also considering the what physical restraints are within the site and work off all the information to put together a rough idea on what the design will be. This is purely to give a rough idea on what can be achieved within the space. With remodeling, this often includes giving a rough idea on how an addition will tie in to the exisitng structure on the exterior as well as the interior.

Cohen Plans - Main Level.jpg


This service typically overlaps with the conceptual design phase as we work through the plan and options for how the space can be laid out. We lay out the space according to optimal function and circulation while also considering what would be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to live in. Often times there are options for how a space can be planned and we go through the pro's & con's of each option and how it would effect the user experience. It is common to go though a couple rounds of preliminary/conceptual plans prior to moving them into a CAD set.


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If you are looking to remodel and do not have a current set of house plans, we often have to do a full site measure and put together an as-built plan to work off of for the conceptual design & spatial planning. After we work through the conceptual plan and layout options, the plan is put into CAD along with detailing of any cabinetry or elevations relevant to construction. Once plans are developed, the CAD set is passed to a local Architect/Engineer (depending on need) for structural calculations and stamping. We work closely with various Architects to not overlap services and reduce overall costs for plan sets.


This is an option step in the design process that helps give you an idea on what the end result will be. If you have trouble "seeing" what the space will look like with the materials you have selected, rendering the space is a great way to help you visualize. We work to get you as close as we can to realistic imagery and detailing. Renderings are still images (not walk-through/movie style) and typically we recommend a minimum of two renderings per space so you can visualize both sides of the room. This is also great for clients wishing to see how an addition would tie in to an exisitng structure on the exterior.



If you are looking for help buttoning up the finishes and materials for a design that is already completed, we are happy to be of assistance. We love to highlight your own unique style through the careful selection of materials and finishes. 




In order to better estimate your project costs and design investment, we ask that you fill out our client questionnaire so we can determine how best to meet your needs.