1. construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to.



Despite the fact that my house is usually cluttered with kid's toys, I love organization. There is a peace that comes with knowing something is methodically planned and the details are all arranged. I pour a lot of myself into the designs I curate and I have a passion for helping others see the ideas they have come to life.

I try to find beauty in the unexpected places and encourage others to find what beauty means to them. Whether it’s designing a space, or detailing your day, I'm here to help shape something that is truly yours. My taste and preferences don't come into play; it's all about discovering your voice and highlighting it throughout your design.

I'm inspired by community and creating deep roots here in Hood River, OR. I believe in serving others well and for me that means my door is always open and food is on the table. You can find me at home (most the time in yoga pants and a messy bun), chasing after our little man, Granger, our two cats, and occasionally helping with marketing/graphics for my husband’s farmhouse cider company Rivercider

I refined my craft during my time at OSU where I received my Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Since then, I've continued learning while working as a designer in Singapore & Portland, Oregon and now look for inspiration within the beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

I have a passion for architecturally designing a space or event that defines you and I tend not to give much thought to trends. Why copy someone else's design when your story is so much better? I value taking time to truly listen to your needs and I desire to deliver something that is yours and yours alone. Being intentional with the subtle details and making sure everything is clearly detailed are essential to me. I'd love get to know you and discover the best way to tell your story.

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Amanda Rickenbach

Amanda graduated with a BFA in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Portland in 2011. Her focus has always been sustainable design, and she is passionate about helping people live comfortably in a smaller footprint. Her design aesthetic is inspired by her Swiss heritage and her travels in Europe.

Amanda is mother of soon to be three little ones under 5 years old, and step mother to one. She grew up in Hood River and after pursuing two bachelor degrees and living abroad she is happy to be raising her family in this special part of the world.

Amanda is also the publisher of Motherhood Magazine, a new parenting magazine for the The Gorge and greater Pacific Northwest.

Jena von Flotow
Assistant Designer

Jena was born and raised in Arizona and has always been a creative planner. She graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Economics and furthered her education in Media and Communications at Arizona State University. Since age 20, Jena has lived the nomadic life with her now-husband, traveling and working in different states and countries. Exposure to different cultures and styles has influenced and inspired her inner designer passion.

Jena and her husband have settled in the area and are now the owners of Gorge Crest Vineyards, a beautiful winery and event space located in Underwood, Washington.

She enjoys planning events, baking, visiting art museums, and styling people and spaces.


Zhanna Talalaeva
Architectural Renderer

Zhanna was born in a small town Perm, central Russia was interested in art and design from early childhood. She graduated from Perm school of Fine Arts and Perm Building college majoring in Architecture. She also attended one of the prestigious in the country architectural schools, Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts. During her studies, she has found a passion for 3D architectural visualization, as it allowed to work on large-scale international projects and create digital beauty in her work. She passionately immersed in this field and continue to work successfully for over 5 years.

She is also put attention on self-development, studying Architecture in one of the world-ranked architectural schools, University of New South Wales, Australia.



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