1. construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to.


Samantha Struck

ceo, NCIDQ, IIDA Professional

As the founder, owner, and principal designer at Strucksured LLC, Samantha has a passion for the details that define a space. She has her BS in Interior Design, a minor in Merchandising Management, is an NCIDQ Certified interior designer, and is an IIDA Professional member. She has worked as a designer in Singapore, Portland, Oregon, as well as the Columbia River Gorge, and has done both residential, commercial, and government projects around the Pacific Northwest, Singapore, and in Malaysia.

Samantha loves knowing something is methodically planned, and that the details are all arranged (and structured) to allow for proper visualization and then execution. She pours a lot of herself into the designs she curates and has a passion for helping others see the ideas they have come to life. While she has her own unique style and personal design, her taste and preferences don’t come into play, as she focuses on the client discovering their own voice, and highlights their unique character and preferences within the work she produces.

Samantha lives on her husband’s family farm in Hood River, Oregon. She is currently building her house on the historic property, and enjoys spending time with her husband, Jordan, and son, Granger.

Heather Guard


Heather grew up in a small town on Maui. She recalls always being into design in some form or another. Originally thinking she would go into fashion from a love of designing clothes since she was 8, she moved more towards interiors when I was 17 and from there have be in design at some capacity ever since. Prior to working at StruckSured she worked for a high-end furniture store and design studio in Hawaii doing whole house design and hospitality. Her favorite part is seeing how a clients reacts when you completely redo their space. She is a firm believer that house is a really important space and you have to love it and be comfortable there. Working with people to see their dreams and vision come to life is also one of her favorite parts of working in this industry.

Julie O'Toole


After graduating in 2007 from Marylhurst University with a BFA in Interior Design, Julie worked for a residential design company where she refined her skills and developed enough experience to launch her own business in 2010. From there managed, designed, and coordinated projects within her own business and continued to serve other design firms by freelance. She is no a vital part of our team and managed all construction documents and design detailing. She is gifted with an excellent eye for the details and loves being a problem solver. Julie also has a passion for sustainability and reclamation wherever possible to avoid waste. All of those things together make her both considerate and create with adaptive reuse and unique construction ideas.



Zhanna was born in a small town Perm, central Russia was interested in art and design from early childhood. She graduated from Perm school of Fine Arts and Perm Building college majoring in Architecture. She also attended one of the prestigious in the country architectural schools, Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts. During her studies, she has found a passion for 3D architectural visualization, as it allowed to work on large-scale international projects and create digital beauty in her work. She passionately immersed in this field and continue to work successfully for over 5 years. She is also put attention on self-development, studying Architecture in one of the world-ranked architectural schools, University of New South Wales, Australia.

Jena Von Flotow


Jena was born and raised in Arizona and has always been a creative planner. She graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Economics and furthered her education in Media and Communications at Arizona State University. Since age 20, Jena has lived the nomadic life with her now-husband, traveling and working in different states and countries. Exposure to different cultures and styles has influenced and inspired her inner designer passion. Jena and her husband have settled in the area and are now the owners of Gorge Crest Vineyards, a beautiful winery and event space located in Underwood, Washington. She enjoys planning events, baking, visiting art museums, and styling people and spaces.