What's our house going to look like? Pt 1

So a lot of people ask me what the inside will look like in my house. The answer is…. I don’t know. Eek! But, there are some current design ideas that I am really looking to incorporate. Here are a few of the ideas that are on my mind….. For the moment….

1) Dark Exterior

The roof is going on and it is BLACK metal so it is definitely going to be dark… We also know we want one paint color for all the siding, trim, and fascia. Our windows are black and just about the only thing we are going that isn’t dark is a mediums stained front door (I say front but the way our house is situated to see the river it really is a fancy back door), and the stone perimeter. The stone is going to be pretty light and we wanted that pop because of the photo we originally fell in love with below. We are also doing copper exterior light fixtures to match the warmth of the stone and the front door.


(Image Source: Instagram)

2) Colored Cabinets & Wide Plank Flooring

We also fell in love with a wide plank oak floor that although stretches our budget, we just cannot split with. We like that it is a medium color tone and that it has a rustic finish that feels respectful to the farmhouse style of our family’s orchard. I also am a fan of perfectly placed (but yet timeless) colored cabinets. I am debating on a greenish or putty color (I just love neutrals SOOOOO much) and haven’t landed one way or another on that one but the combo below has me leaning more towards a color…. for now….


(Image Source: Instagram)

3) A Well Placed Salvaged Door

Okay this door may not be salvaged but it still has the essence of what we are doing with one of our doors. From a previous project Sustain and I did, I kept a black schoolhouse bathroom door with a cathedral window and original enamel plate that says “toilet”…. Actually it was a gift from the GC Heith who knew just how much I loved it and surprised me with it in my office for Christmas last year. I cannot wait to build it into our home as the master bath water closet. Because there is a window in the door we didn’t feel like our guests would like to have it as the powder room door on the main level. So we kept it for ourselves…. We’re 11 years into our marriage… who needs privacy anyways?


(Image Source: Instagram)

4) Grey Cabinets with Grey Wood Tones

I haven’t exactly figured out where I want to use this or why I love it so much but I do. I love the layering of the wood floor with the wood bench. It was a bold move to have those stacked on top of each other since they don’t exactly match but the bench has a deeper grey wash which gradates to the completely grey cabinets above. The progression here is subtle but simply beautiful. The brass hooks and the hunter boots make me feel right at home.


(Image Source: Instagram)

5) Simple but Architectural Unique Handrail

This photo is one I took a screenshot of a while back but I just keep going back to whenever I speak to the metal fab friends of mine. The way the spindles cut back under the stair side nosing is such a sweet detail. I love the simplicity and complexity of this handrail so much. It looks so thin and delicate but I bet that thing is super rigid in reality. Every time I got to our house and see the staircase I think about this photo and envision it on my U-shaped stairs. It’s one of the things I am most excited for.


(Image Source: Instagram)

Okay so that’s the top five for now but rest assured I will be doing these every so often with my five fav’s. Check back for the next round. Fingers crossed I can make some big decisions pretty quickly…. I know my husband would be grateful if I did! Cheers to partner’s who put up with us indecisive people! Love yah dear!

Nighty Night!

Samantha Struck